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Acoustic Magnetic System  9002 Contact system

Olor: Grey white
Dimension: 144*38*15cm
Working voltage: 110~230V 50
Weight of the master: 14KG/set
Package: 150*45*19CM
Weight of the slaver: 15KG

1.The max detection range for a set antenna(the detection range is effect by the electromagnetic environment aground the antennas and the size of the tags)
DR Soft label: 1.2-1.4M Hard tags:1.8-2.2M

2.Working Model:convert between TX&RX system and MONO system.

3.Installation Mathod:motherboard inlay,easy to install.

4.Specification:new appear design,strong,HIPS material,stable detection for soft label,

can anti-Aluminum Foil shield.suitable to use in supermarkets,drugstore,cosmetics.